Another speed run in blogging.

I really want to go to bed on time tonight. I slacked off too much today and I’m just now getting to writing my blog post. So let’s see how many words I can do in ten minutes. The only problem is that I’m looking at a computer screen, which research shows keeps one awake for a while. If I had time I would open another tab on my browser and conduct that research and insert a link somewhere. Or maybe I wouldn’t—I’m not sure I care enough anyway. That story’s been out for a while now.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night as stress kept me awake until around midnight. Today I had a lot of stress at work which seemed to have the opposite effect. I’m just worn out. I probably should have just gone to bed earlier. Remembering that I skipped blogging yesterday kept me up until I could think of a topic. Alas, as you can see, I haven’t.

I also want to make sure that I get enough sleep as I’m going to the club in Portland tomorrow. (Note to self: look into getting an E-ZPass.) I can afford to go and have a beer or two but I can’t afford to stay another night in a hotel. I probably could if I didn’t have so much credit card debt or if I didn’t owe more money to the dentist right now. Of course, it’s still an option if I really can’t drive home, but I want to avoid it. Does this mean I shouldn’t go if I can’t afford a hotel stay? I never thought of it that way. It sounds practical. But in this case I’m not so sure that practicality applies.

If I haven’t lost fellow WordPress bloggers, I have a question for you. Recently they revamped their “Edit Post” screen again. Fine, but I’m noticing that when I get to the bottom of the screen my web browser isn’t automatically scrolling down. That means that I have to keep scrolling when I get to the next line or just trust what I’m writing without having to look at it. Is anybody else having this problem? I’m using Mozilla Firefox. I haven’t tried using Microsoft Edge yet.

That’s all of the time that I’m going to give myself tonight. It’s not a bad word count. I just wish I could have thought of content better. But hey, these speed runs are probably good exercise for something. Aren’t they?


One thought on “Another speed run in blogging.

  1. [ Smiles ] Hmm. Interesting. I do not have this issue on Blogger.

    WordPress is always changing things.

    By the way, it is possible for you to write a lot in ten minutes; provided that you are focused on your topic!

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