I’m changing the way I’m approaching this new project about centaurs.

I’m strongly considering changing my approach to this centaur story that I’ve been working on lately. I still have a great concept (no, I won’t divulge it fully) and there’s a lot of humor that I could infuse into the writing. However, I don’t think that a screenplay is the way to go with this. A good concept doesn’t necessarily carry over a ninety-page script. Looking at the outline I made I have a few too many vague plot points that only act as padding. Perhaps I could have rushed it—I have a tendency to do that—but I don’t know if I could come up with anything better. There are too many parts where it felt like I have point A and point B, but extra points in between.

I’m going to try this as a short story instead. Who knows—maybe working on it this way will give me ideas on how to make the screenplay better. Still, I think I want to try this more as a prose piece. I also want to keep it concise. Like I said, I have a great concept, and there are a few solid points in the outline. Besides, while I have a few funny ideas here and there, I’m not a comedy writer. I don’t know if I keep the laughs going.

A part of me feels bad about this, like I’m abandoning the project. I have to remind myself that I’m not, in fact far from it—I’m simply adjusting the project into something else. If anything, I can think of this as part of the drafting process. And I’m not abandoning the other screenplay. When I started that one my initial thought was to do something more along the lines of my college degree. I still have that goal. And there will be more screenplays. But sometimes a particular project isn’t working out, and you have to either adjust the project to make it work or abandon it completely. I’m hoping for the former option with the Centaur story.

I have another shift in my approach planned, and this has to do more with writing in general. I still intend on writing on this blog six days a week. I know I haven’t been good about that over the past few months but life has settled down for me lately. I’m still planning on doing my Monday Book Reviews, as they are enjoyable and seem popular. (Although I should note that I may have to delay next week’s review again.) But as far as my creative work is concerned, I look back and realize that I’ve been generally more productive if I focused most of the work on the weekends.

Lately my intended routine is to write after I get home from work and enjoy my time off on weekends. However, I keep losing focus or I’m too tired to work on writing on weekday afternoons. I get distracted and come up with excuses for not getting anything done. I’m going to now try working more on the weekends but with some other writing sessions throughout the week. I don’t want to only writing two days a week. That could be disastrous to the writing quality, not to mention that it would take longer to get something done.

Then I could spend more time throughout the week relaxing after work instead of cramming all of my entertainment on the weekends. I recently listened to an episode of the podcast Hidden Brain that dealt with tunnel vision and focusing so much on a life’s problem that other aspects of life fall by the wayside. I had to wonder if that’s why I wasn’t getting anything done. I was stressing so much over how little I was doing I was making it harder to concentrate on doing it. Having the weekends off completely should come once I have a full-time writing job. Besides, why should I dread writing on the weekends? Isn’t writing something that I’m supposed to enjoy doing?


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