Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just move to Portland instead of booking a room once a week?

I found yet another reason to move to Portland. I started going to a Goth club that takes place on Friday nights. The most recent was also a special occasion as it was the grand opening of the renovated club space in the basement floor of the building. I had a few drinks and stayed late, despite having been up since five-thirty in the morning for work. As a result I didn’t feel safe driving all the way home, so I stayed in a hotel overnight. It was pretty cheap as far as hotel rooms go, but is it really an expense that I can manage every week?

I will say that despite the cost the room was pretty decent… although it had an odd omission of a trash can. Either way, it’s nice to know that I found a place that’s affordable and not too far from downtown Portland that I can drive to in case I stay out too late.

Still, I have to either be careful and not stay the whole time (or perhaps watch my alcohol), or factor in the cost of the hotel every Friday. Job hunting in Portland has proved very difficult over the past several years unless I want to continue to work in retail, and even then most likely as a step down from the position (and pay) that I have now. As much as I feel at home in the city I can’t move there unless I have a sustainable source of income. And never mind moving to Portland and commuting to my current job. The cost of gas would far outweigh the hotel stay. That’s not to mention that I don’t know if I could even afford rent in the city with the job I have now. I would most want to work from home as a writer. I don’t need a fancy home, just a decent apartment.

I could also be focusing on the wrong part of this experience. I found a weekly gathering that I want to go to on a regular basis. I found strangers that I can actually somewhat talk to. Granted, so far they’re the ones usually initiating conversation, but even that is new to me. Shouldn’t I be celebrating that instead of focusing on the negative? After all, that’s the impetus for my further wanting to move up there in the first place. I should be happy that I finally found something like this and that I’m in a position to make accommodations to do so. But in the mean time, I’m still going to keep my eyes open for opportunities to make a life there.


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