I was sick but I’m back.

After I left work early on Monday I stopped by the grocery store next door. As I went through the checkout lane with my three boxes of tissues, ginger ale, orange juice and their generic version of DayQuil, the woman behind the counter said she hoped I feel better. Apparently she could tell that I was sick.

I spend the next day in bed with a marathon of Star Trek: The Next Generation playing on my laptop next to me. I had my laptop, sure, but I couldn’t spend any time writing. Aside from having much difficulty focusing I couldn’t wear my glasses because of the pressure on my nose. I decided that it wasn’t worth it and for a couple of days I would take a break from writing, either for the blog or the screenplay.

I went back to work yesterday but only because I could just keep myself upright most of the time and my nose wasn’t running like a waterfall anymore. I had too much work to catch up on. But everybody could tell I was miserable. Everybody told me today that I looked much better. I finally had to ask somebody how badly I looked. He said I looked high as a kite. I wasn’t, but apparently I look it when I’m sick.

I’m still not completely better but I’m getting there. I didn’t want people to think that I was already slacking off when I said I was going back to my old routine with the blog. I swear that I am. But I have to be able to look at a computer screen for an extended period of time.


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