Today I’m planning on going to the goth club in Portland again, only this time I’m working first. This is going to be tricky in terms of timing. Do I go to the grocery store right after work like I usually do, or do I not have time? Of course there’s no set time for me to get there. There’s a few bucks off of the cover charge for being early but that’s not really much of an incentive. I just remember enjoying myself, so I want to take advantage of as much of the evening as I can. Besides, I’m going there after being up all day. I may not stay right until the end of the evening like I nearly did last week.

I get out of work at four. The club starts at nine. (When I say “club” I’m really referring to just the Friday night goth nights at a particular club in Portland. But “Goth club” is easier to say and isn’t entirely inaccurate.) So I have five hours in between if I get to the club right at the beginning. Let’s work backwards: it will take probably fifteen to twenty minutes just to find a parking space unless I’m really lucky. Before that it takes about an hour or more just to get there. When I take out the half hour to get home (I’m probably going to hit a sandwich shop on the way) that leaves me with a little over three hours to shower, shave, get dressed and put on make-up. That seems like plenty of time but I’m getting picky with how I look these days.

I should be more concerned with how I get home or if I need to stop at a hotel on the way. And I’m disrupting my sleeping schedule all weekend. There’s the club tonight, a New Wave/New Romantic dance party tomorrow in Portland, and then a concert down in Cambridge that I’m going to on Sunday. That will be fun as I have to go to work the next morning. But I don’t want to miss Adrian Belew if I can’t help it. I’ve missed too many concerts because of stupid excuses. I should learn how to make these things happen, not get out of them over little details.


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