I have returned to writing; I also started dancing in public.

Here I am again, trying to get back in the habit of writing every day. I thought I would during February while I was working on the album that things didn’t quite work out that way. Not only was I busy with the album I had a few other things going on in my life. I wasn’t busy flat-out across the whole month, but I was distracted enough from any sort of writing that I started to get lazy.

But now I’m starting to get back into the swing of things again. Unfortunately I had to leave my apartment and go to a coffee shop just to write this blog post. It’s strange how crowd and traffic noise in the background while I’m writing at a table outside doesn’t bother me, but the occasional squeal of a child and her mother’s response in the apartment does. Maybe it’s the apprehension; I’m bothered more by waiting for one of them to say or do something whereas in Market Square the noise is constant. It could just be that I wanted a change of scenery and I was just trying to give myself an excuse. Whatever—it’s a nice night. Once I get back into the groove of writing I hope I won’t find too many distractions at home to get away from.

Another thing I started getting back into doing this week is jogging. I let that go for a few months because of the weather. I toyed with joining a gym for a few months but couldn’t quite swing the membership fees this season. I’m hoping that returning to regular exercise would keep my energy up throughout the week. That should help me focus on any creative pursuits, such as the screenplay. (Fatigue has been an issue with working on it in recent months.) My primary incentive for jogging again is much more vain, however. I started going to dance parties and goth nights in Portland, and I want to be able to fit into some of the outfits that I got over the holidays. I let myself go a little lately, and I need to tone a bit.

While I was on vacation last week I discovered that there is indeed a life outside of my apartment. Aside from a few bars and restaurants around here I rarely go out anymore after work. I went to a post-punk dance party at a bar in Portland on Monday and connected already with some of the people from the local goth scene there. I also went to a poetry open mic at a local bookstore, which I didn’t realize was happening. I can’t afford to go out every night, but I can’t afford to stay at home and vegetate, either. I thought I was getting culture by sitting at home reading or watching movies (and not just light, fluffy stuff, mind you) all the time. I can still do these things, but I need to find time and actually go out among people.

It was weird. People actually came up to me and wanted to get to know me at the goth club on Friday. I was coerced into getting onto the dance floor and actually dance… in public. To a Nick Cave song. I think this might become my regular Friday outing. It doesn’t hurt that the Portland Museum of Art is free on Friday nights. But I can’t go to my favorite pizza place and eat three slices of cheese when I go up that way anymore… at least not when I’m wearing skinny jeans.


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