Album is nearly done; going to a Goth club in Portland.

The album is just about done. I have all the recording done with one possible exception that I will get to in a moment. But as far as the RPM Challenge is concerned the album is recorded. I just need to put some final touches on mixing. I’m in Portland today so I don’t have access to the recording hardware to work on it. I thought I had put the files on my iPod in a way so I can review them in my car. Unfortunately I converted them to the wrong file type and not only wouldn’t they not play on my iPod, it screws up anything else I try to play on it afterwards until I reset it. I’ll just have to try again tomorrow.

Like I said, I have one song that I may need to record again, although I won’t for the RPM Challenge. I sent out the album for peer review and the feedback I got was that the performance of the different instruments didn’t sync up, tempo-wise. However, this could only be offset by the bass drum track which I hadn’t intended to be in the final piece. I’ll try taking that out tomorrow to see if that one simple fix solves the problem. But I don’t really want to record all new tracks at this point. I go back to work on Monday and I have other plans this weekend. The only time I want to spend on this album should be focused on mixing, making labels and discs to hand out to people… and to the people running the RPM Challenge as well.

I’m in Portland because I’m going to Goth night at a local club. It’s the first time I’ve been—partly out of scheduling issues since I first decided that I want to go, and partly out of nervousness. But what’s to get nervous about? That I didn’t wear my eyeliner correctly? That my boots aren’t good for dancing? That I might just sit off to the side enjoying the music and a drink or two instead of dancing anyway?

I went to a post-punk dance party at another bar in Portland on Monday night. I met a few people that apparently know everybody in the local scene. Of course one of them introduced herself to me first, but I think I did okay. That’s probably the main source of my apprehension of going in the first place. It’s not that I have social anxiety, but I know I’m out of practice actually talking to strangers. But hey, there’s always the music.


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