Almost done with coming up with new songs, added keyboards today.

I know it’s been a few days since my last blog post but I have been busy working on the new album. For a while I thought that I reached the minimum requirements for the RPM Challenge, but I think I cut it too close. It looks like I may have to come up with one more quick piece to reach the minimum thirty-five minutes. I only need a minute or two, but I would rather worry about how good it is first. If the piece needs to be longer I’ll go longer. I’m actually making pretty good time considering that we haven’t reached the midway point of the month yet.

I wanted to work on lyrics earlier. I decided to head out to a coffee shop for a change of scenery. However, I didn’t get much time to work while I was there as they decided to close early today due to the weather. (Around here it looks like we’re getting the entirety of winter during a two-week period). As I was cleaning the snow off of my car the person who parked next to me backed into car across the lot and drove off. I got the plate number and stuck around to talk to the driver of the car that was hit. I don’t intend to present this to show what a good citizen I am (if I was, I would have remembered then rather than later that we should have called the police right away). But it did take time out of working on those lyrics, not to mention the distraction took me out of the head space I needed to be in.

I did make some progress this evening, however, with keyboard tracks. I nearly didn’t record any this time around as the power adapter for my keyboard was making some humming noises, making me nervous. Two fortunate things happened this evening when I tried it—not only did the adapter work properly, I discovered that I had indeed tuned the guitar and bass used on this album correctly and the keyboard sounds perfect with them.

I got excited about some of the keyboard tracks I’ve recorded so far. I was able to process one so it sounds like a cheesy synthesizer from the eighties, and as I’m recording in a style of music that was made popular during that time frame I view this as a plus. Either that or I’m getting nerdy and it’s distracting from the dark atmosphere. Whatever—as long as I like it, who cares? What, do I think I’m going to put this album on Bandcamp afterwards and try to sell the thing?


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