Started recording a fifth song, more than halfway there (composition-wise).

Last night I recorded the “bare bones” track for a fifth song. I either need five more songs or ten more minutes to reach the RPM Challenge’s goal. It’s a comfortable place to be in although I could have reached it further. I slacked off too much over the past week or so. It’s time to focus more on what I’m doing. Yes, I need diversions once in a while. But I should have everything composed by the end of this week. I still only have a few lyrics done at the moment as well.

The big challenge for me when recording last night’s guitar part is playing slowly. I have some mental block when it comes to slowing down riffs. I’m not claiming to be a great “shredder” or anything on guitar. But I get stuck into the mindset that if I slow down my playing it sounds less impressive. Who am I trying to impress? What I’m doing is more based around atmosphere. If that requires a song to be played dreadfully slow then I shall do so.

I think it came out pretty well. There’s a few minor mistakes here and there, but that only adds to the mood of the piece.


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