Recording underway; four songs started.

The goal to reach for the RPM Challenge is either ten songs or thirty-five minutes, whichever comes first. I have four songs that I started recording, meaning I have at least a drum machine, bass and guitar track recorded for each one. I started writing a fifth song last night. I get the feeling I might reach the thirty-five minute goal first this time.

I would rather get the songs written early. That way I can play around with the recordings as needed. In some cases that means adding an atmospheric keyboard part or an extra guitar track. In other cases that means I have to repair a missed note on the bass or perhaps removing a guitar riff that didn’t quite work. And then there are songs that I’ll probably end up recording over entirely. I already know that there are some drum tracks that I want to replace. But that’s okay. Right now everything is a placeholder. My only real concern is remembering how to play the parts. I’m bad with rehearsing my own material once I’ve recorded it once. It probably won’t be a problem, though. I just have to think this stuff through.


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