I started recording.

I just recorded the first drum track. I’m not sure if it’s what I ultimately want for the song I intended it for, but it at least works as a placeholder so I can record the other instruments in time. I haven’t accomplished too much since Wednesday. I did settle a structure on aforementioned song. I also wrote quite a bit of the guitar part for another song, although I’m not really sure how complete it is.

I’m taking a more stripped-down approach this time for a Shadows of Immurement song. I want to focus less on trying to be too inventive and progressive, and more on repetition and atmosphere. I want to capture that sense of desolation and creepiness that the better Shadows of Immurement songs have. I also want to let more of my influences seep into my own music this time. Repetition is very common in post-punk, cold wave and Gothic rock. It’s not strictly adhered to, but there usually seems to be more of an emphasis on mood than musicality. Of course, I still have more to learn.

I’m not too happy with how much I’ve slacked off over the last few days. I haven’t been sleeping very well so I wouldn’t expect to get much done anyway (I’m planning on going to bed right after publishing this post). But I could have worked more on the album than distracting myself. But I intend on making up for my laziness over the weekend. Everybody I know already knows I’m going to be a hermit this month.


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