Day One: started writing two new songs.

It’s the first day of the RPM Challenge 2017 and I started writing some material for the new Shadows of Immurement album. I have the bass riff and more or less the layout of one song based on it, and I have the lyrics started. I have an idea for a drum track in mind, so I may get started on that this evening. I need to make sure that the recording setup is ideal before programming said track, though. I might run out of time. Even though I’m dedicating my free time to this album I still have to go to work, and I get the feeling that I’m going to need my sleep tonight judging by the big project they have me doing tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won’t be so tired by the time I get out of work that I won’t be creative enough.

I also started writing a riff for another song on guitar. It’s nothing highly original but I like it.


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