Getting caught up on a few things before the RPM Challenge 2017 begins on Wednesday.

Yesterday was the first day in nearly two weeks which I had off in its entirety. Therefore I spent the morning and afternoon doing errands and some chores around the apartment and then treated myself to a night out. I’ve been busy and tired all week, not to mention going home angry a couple of times from work. In short, that’s why I haven’t been writing so much on this blog and sadly, the screenplay as well.

And I can see that I’m not going to pick up the pace with either any time soon. February, and therefore the RPM Challenge, starts on Wednesday. I’m thinking that I’ll do what I’ve done in the past and report each day on my progress with this blog. However, I’m not going to try to inflate the blog posts so they fit a minimum word count. I’m only going to recount what I have done and then stop. This may mean that February is going to have some really short blog posts. But I figure that’s better than nothing. I do intend on picking up the vampire story that I’ve been writing as a series of flash fiction pieces.

The new screenplay has gone well when I have been able to work on it. I don’t see myself working on it again until maybe Tuesday, and then probably not for a month. (I promised that tomorrow I’ll meet a friend who is going through some hard times right now, and I’m clearing the evening for that.) Who knows—I may wish to take a break from the album from time to time and revisit Tom the Centaur for a while. But I don’t intend on picking up the thread full throttle until March.

I’m going to try to hook up the recording equipment to this laptop again to see if I can remember how it works. I haven’t used it until I recorded the album for last year. Cubase has an odd habit of reverting back to its initial settings if I haven’t used it for a while and I don’t always remember how to get it back to where I need it. It belongs to a friend of mine, whom I can call if I need help. That’s why I’m going to work on it today as opposed to the first day of the Challenge. I won’t record anything yet, other than maybe as a test. I won’t cheat.

Now the only question is, What do I do about alcohol? I was planning on cutting back on it as I really have been drinking too much lately. However, it’s supposed to make one depressed, and I write dark music. Would it help if I drank more this month? Probably not. I wouldn’t write this music if I didn’t already have that part of my psyche to tap into (and it’s not necessarily depressed, either). But it is an interesting question to ponder.


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