Still working on the screenplay for the rest of the month.

I wonder if it’s a good or bad sign that I was laughing at my own stupid jokes while writing a scene in my new screenplay. Either I’m tapping into something that people are going to like or I’m the only one that finds it funny. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to push on. If I enjoy what I’m doing while I do it, then I guess that’s the important thing at the moment. If I need to clean out the bad jokes later I will. But so far the people in my inner circle to whom I’m revealing the plot love it… which is why I’m not revealing it to the public yet. Why give away my first great idea this year?

So, yes, I’m still writing. I know I’ve been quiet the past few days. Yesterday was inventory day at work, which is a big to-do in retail. I ended up having to work all weekend, doing some stressful stuff in preparation for yesterday. Things have finally calmed down today. Not only was inventory over, but due to inclement weather business was incredibly slow. I got caught up with my work with ease and left without stress or fatigue. I’ll be able to work on the new screenplay for the next week.

Of course, February starts a week from tomorrow so I’ll be working on my new album for this year’s RPM Challenge. I’m going back to Shadows of Immurement this time around. I wasn’t too fond of the “anything goes” approach last year. I just wasn’t into what I was doing. Plus, I kept finding myself wanting to go back to the darker music that I’ve produced in the past. That doesn’t mean that I’m ruling out working on a Popkin-Salvador album again if Mike is ever up for it. But it doesn’t seem like he is this time around.

I’ll work on the screenplay as much as I can over the next week without killing myself. I think I might still take it easy. Like I said before, I was considering a break from any creative work for the rest of the month to begin with. My goal of getting caught up on the bulk of my personal library this month flew out the window, too. But that’s something I can keep working on while working on the album. I can’t spend the entire month making the next Shadows of Immurement album… can I?


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