Started working on the new screenplay while editing the old one.

I started work on the new centaur-centric screenplay today. I only got as far as one short scene because I was at a coffee shop during my writing time and the battery on my computer didn’t have much life left. But it’s better than the nothing that I’ve been doing lately. I wish I got more done, as I thought I was going to have more time earlier in the day when I had more time (supposedly—I’m still having fatigue issues but I’m trying to work through it). I did some errands which took a little longer than I had anticipated. But I’m still happy that I got what I got done. I have to start somewhere.

I got plenty of feedback on the other screenplay that I’m working on from a published writer friend of mine. It didn’t seem like she had any problem with the plot or flow of the story, which is a good sign. Her notes were mostly about character development and the nitty-gritty grammar and spelling stuff. At some point I have to sit down and address those issues. Perhaps I will be able to sell it sooner than I thought.

So, what was this I was rattling on about before about taking a break? Well, of course I’m going to during the month of February in order to work on my album for the 2017 RPM Challenge. I’m going to work on these screenplays through the rest of January, and if I need a break after making the album then I’ll do so. I still intend on restarting the book reviews in March, however.


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