Writing Progress: Now I’m working on two screenplays at once.

I started the outline for the screenplay idea I mentioned in my last blog post. This is partly why I didn’t write a flash fiction post for this week, as I wanted to focus on this new story before too long. Fortunately, in one sitting I managed to get the majority of the outline done. I have never been able to put together a plot so quickly. I’m getting excited about this one. I got as far as halfway through the third act. For a while I couldn’t decide how to end it. I still haven’t figured out the specifics, but I have a general idea now once I figured out why the story has to end the way it does. I’m going to finish the outline when I go out for breakfast tomorrow.

One question I have to ask myself has to do with my knowledge of centaurs. How much research do I have to do? The history of centaur mythology isn’t integral to the plot so much, but it would add so much more color to the story if I knew more about it. Then again, would researching centaurs only distract me from the story I want to tell? I’m already inventing their world in my head for this story. Would it just be a waste of time to pepper the writing with details? I’m probably going to do some research anyway, as I’m intrigued by them now, anyway. Aside from the odd video game character or the Saturday Night Life sketch when Christopher Walken is interviewing a centaur for a job, I know very little about the topic.

I haven’t abandoned the other screenplay that I’ve been writing for the past few months. In fact, I’m going to see one of the people that’s proofreading it for me tomorrow. It’s a social visit, but it sounded like she would probably be done reading it by then, so I’m sure it will come up in conversation. I’m looking forward to seeing her red pen. I want to be able to have something to shop around while I’m writing this other one.


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