What Goth items to buy with my birthday money?

As I’ve been writing about over the last few months I’m really trying to put together a more Gothic look. For my birthday my sister and brother-in-law gave me money to put towards buying something from a series of websites that I sent them links to with Goth clothing. I know, a good deal of what I should be doing is D.I.Y. and at thrift-shops. But there’s nothing wrong with getting something nice now and then as a gift. Besides, I need a quick start on at least part of the wardrobe. I don’t know the first thing about sewing, and the only attempt I’ve made at D.I.Y. clothing is painting a brown faux leather jacket black, which I’m putting off until the spring.

Anyway, I’m facing a conundrum here. Of course when somebody gives me a gift card or money to put towards something I have a hard time trying to decide on what I want to get. It’s harder than if I just have some extra money and want to buy it for myself; knowing that it’s the result of a gift makes it somehow special. I’ve narrowed it down to to things: a men’s Gothic blouse by Devil Fashion from darkincloset.com or a set of t-shirts from the-black-angel.com.

Everything seems to have a gazillion sub-genres right now, and I’m thinking that if I have to subscribe to one in the Goth subculture (and yes, I’m fully aware that I don’t have to) is Romantic Goth. The blouse would not only suit that look adequately, I think it would work on me. Of course, I don’t know that yet until I actually try it on, but I really like the look of it, anyway.

The t-shirts don’t suit a Romantic Goth look. For that matter, one could argue that they aren’t really Goth at all. But my job in retail, even when I’m working in the office for most of the day, requires a lot of movement sometimes. That’s not to mention all of the dust, debris and cardboard that I would regularly run into when working on the sales floor and back room. So the t-shirts would be one way that I could bring one bit of darkness to work via my wardrobe.

So, do I go for the one item that I would wear occasionally and have to take extra care for, or a series of items that I could wear all of the time at work and possibly beat up if I have to? I could buy the Gothic blouse and then try to find cheaper t-shirts elsewhere, especially from thrift shops. But that’s risky. It’s probably going to be what I do, as like I said, I want to make my birthday-related purchase special. It doesn’t hurt, though, to think these things through.


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