To buy or not to buy religious bread.

One of the things that I try to watch when getting food is my sodium intake. I never realized until just a year or so ago that I was consuming far more than I should have been, so I’ve been cutting it down. One thing that really helped was that Trader Joe’s carried a sodium-free bread that I bought every week for my sandwiches. Unfortunately, I say “carried” because they haven’t stocked it the last few times I’ve gone grocery-shopping, and I fear that it could be discontinued. Even more unfortunately, I got a gift card for a different grocery store for Christmas—a store I don’t even like walking into, let alone shop from.

But I went in this week in order to use up that card. I wasn’t used to the hundred or so different varieties of bread they had on display, so I picked one that looked like it might be good and it had one of the lower sodium counts. Even so, I asked the woman stocking the bread aisle if they had anything that was sodium-free. She brought me over to the freezer nearby and pointed out their one type of bread that didn’t have any sodium in it.

I ended up not getting it, and probably not for the best of reasons. The bread was part of a product line from presumably a religious company who put biblical scripture all over the packaging. As an anti-theist I didn’t want to support them financially, just like as an ethical vegetarian I won’t buy meat products. But is it really the same? I would feel uncomfortable with something like that in my fridge but couldn’t I get over it, knowing that I bought it for health reasons? For that matter, how do I know that the people who made it do anything else I object to aside from putting scripture on their products?

I ultimately chose against it for that reason, although I should point out that I also didn’t want to buy my bread frozen. I normally refrigerate my bread, not freeze it. I didn’t want to get into new habits for storing my food. But I also would have felt weird for buying it. I obviously feel weird for not buying it, too as I ended up writing a blog post about it. (That, and I was apparently too lazy to come up with anything interesting to write about today aside from grocery shopping.) It would have been the only time I would have bought it, as next week I’m going right back to my usual store. But it is something worth giving at least a passing thought to.


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