Tuesday Random Thoughts: Just a few.

  • I almost didn’t write anything for the blog tonight. I wrote a lengthy e-mail earlier which almost made my usual word count. Besides, I almost didn’t have enough energy to write that. I’ve been very tired and sometimes drowsy in the afternoons lately. I have to wonder if the amoxicillin I’m taking for my abscessed tooth has anything to do with it. But I’ll still jot down a few thoughts as I’ve already been too lax with this blog this year. I really do want to get back in the habit of this writing exercise. Besides, I’m feeling a little more energetic now. That’s a little worrying as it’s getting closer to bedtime, but after all of the sleep I’ve been losing lately, what’s a little more?
  • My tooth is getting better. The swelling went down by Sunday morning, and the pain is largely gone now, barring sensitivity to pressure. I’m just glad that the prescription of the antibiotics ends before New Year’s Eve. There is definitely bar-hopping on the agenda this year.
  • I’m largely taking the rest of this week off from writing. I have some chores at home and errands to run over the course of the week. I imagine that I won’t have much time to do these things on the weekend. Besides, I’m tired every afternoon evening lately, and I don’t see how the next few days would be any different. That and it’s the holidays. I’m definitely not going to be productive on Thursday, known as Mickmas (my birthday, of course).
  • I’ve been watching a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation tonight as I couldn’t focus on too much else. I have come to hypothesize that Data isn’t as emotionless as he believes he is. Rather, it seems like the writers and Brent Spiner treated the character as having emotions, but not being able to recognize them as such. The episode Data’s Day seems to support that idea. Of course, this could be approach versus the final canon of the show. But it’s an interesting idea to have in mind when watching.

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