Starting to feel better; resuming my routine soon.

No, I’m not dead. I’ve been taking it easy this week because of the pain that I’ve been in. It’s starting to calm down a bit. I still get pain coming and going from my tooth, but now instead of searing, piercing pain completely making me loose focus on whatever I’m doing, it’s not an aching tightness that’s a nuisance but I can work around if I have to. In other words, the antibiotics are working. I felt felt fine when I got up this morning (aside from groggy after having lost sleep) but then I ate breakfast and without thinking chewed my cereal on that side. I then proceeded to run around my apartment, flailing my arms about and stifling a scream for fear that I would wake the family in the apartment downstairs.

So I took a week off from writing. And something tells me that I’m probably going to not get much done next week, although I’m not sure what my plans are yet. Fine—I at least got the first draft done of the screenplay. That’s better than the rate I was going throughout the summer when I generally slacked off on it. And I have other projects that I began working on. I still want to write a Writing Progress Wednesday as a sequel to the last one, in which I write about turning some of the works that I’m already more serious about into potential screenplays as well. But I couldn’t focus this week on something like that. I would actually like to try doing it first before I write about doing it.

I should be resuming my normal blogging routine—whatever that is—tomorrow. I was going to a concert in Boston but I think I might have to miss this one. Either way I’ll get something done for a Flash Fiction Friday.


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