Tuesday Random Thoughts: On antibiotics for a tooth, yes, again.

  • I almost skipped writing tonight’s blog post. In fact, I may end up having to cut this one short. Despite my hopes from earlier this year I still have been having pain with a lower left tooth. It turns out that the tooth next to the one which had the root canal therapy (and then subsequent re-treatment) also now needs the same procedure. I went earlier this month because the sensitivity wasn’t going away but had to put off the work on it until January for insurance reasons. I figured that it would be no problem as it wasn’t constant, piercing pain like the last time… yet. This weekend it really started becoming more constant. Fortunately, my dentist already said that he would prescribe antibiotics should the pain get worse.
    I didn’t want to take antibiotics this time of year, seeing as both my birthday and New Year’s Eve (which is on a Saturday this year) both occur before my appointment with an endodontist. I didn’t want to take anything that would prevent me from having alcohol, at least on those two nights. But the pain got so bad that I figured I would have to put off any special celebration. Fortunately, the supply is for ten days, which end on the day before New Year’s Eve. My birthday’s on a Thursday and I can’t get time off that week, so it’s not like I was going to drink that much, anyway.
    The pain was so distracting that I couldn’t concentrate on getting any creative work done, even writing a blog post. The pain eases off periodically, and I did take a couple of ibuprofen pills… although they haven’t seemed to help too much. Right before writing this blog post, however, I took the first of the amoxicillin. The pain seemed to have disappeared entirely. I have to think that it’s psychosomatic, right? I don’t remember it working that quickly last time I had to use it. I thought I had to take it for a few days first. That’s why I said I thought I might have to cut writing this blog post abruptly, should the pain come back.
  • Likewise, I haven’t been getting any writing done as I couldn’t focus on what I was doing yesterday and today. It may be tough over the next couple of weeks for me to write on every single day, but I will get to it as much as I can. I still should have a writing progress blog post, however, as it would be a continuation of the one I had for last week.
  • Okay, I don’t really have many other thoughts, or are the ones I had tonight that random as it’s been the focus of my last few days. I’ve been productive at work so far this week. There, is that something?

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