Sunday List: Top six changes coming to this blog in January.

Not wanting to leave this blog alone, I have some changes in mind to implement in January. I know, I have another Sunday list before then, but as that’s on Christmas, if I even have time to write a blog post that day I’m going to likely make it themed. So I’m writing this one now.

One thing that I’m not doing is paying for an easier domain name. I know it’s a bit awkward now, but unless I start making money on this blog I don’t see the point in spending money on something I’m really not going to get anything from unless it’s charity. But today’s blog post isn’t about New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, I present the top six changes coming to this blog at the beginning of the year….

…Okay, New Year’s Eve is on a Saturday night this time. I might not be well enough right at the beginning of the year. But it will be around then.

  1. I’m dropping the Self-Discovery Saturday. Like the Nerdy Saturday posts before it, it’s just becoming too hard to sustain. I’m sure I can integrate that theme into other blog posts. However, I may still do something for the next two weeks, or at least something somewhat related.
  2. I’m dropping the Sunday Lists. Again, it’s hard to sustain although slightly less so. Once I come up with a list it’s usually pretty easy-going, but it’s hard to come up with a topic sometimes. Besides, I’m starting to think of lists as more of a format than a theme for a day. I’m opening myself up to using them within the other days’ themes instead. I don’t have plans for what I’m going to replace the Saturday and Sunday theme with yet.
  3. For the first two months, I’m going to switch the Monday Book Reviews to something else. “Monday Book Thoughts” don’t quite have the same ring to it, but I have other reading to catch up on that I don’t want to write full reviews for. I’m not sure how much reading I’m going to do in February as I’m going to take part in the RPM Challenge again. Either way, the reviews will return in March.
  4. I’m going to redesign the look again. There’s no real reason other than I just want to do something different. I definitely want to update my profile picture. I also know that when I share my blog posts on Facebook there’s no picture anymore as I deleted the picture I was using for that. I’m going to have to figure out how to replace it.
  5. Speaking of pictures, I’m going to use more. This blog is my writing practice. But it’s not very visually stimulating. When I read it I’m getting bored. Could that help me get readers? I don’t know. But it will make it look better, at least to me.
  6. I’m going to ease up my personal word-count restriction. If a blog post needs to be shorter, it’s going to be shorter. I usually can get pretty verbose, so five hundred words usually aren’t hard for me, anyway. But I’m done straining myself to fill out the rest of a blog post just because I got it in my head that I have to have so many words. If I have a daily word minimum as a writer, than why I am I dedicating so many to the thing that’s not my main project?

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