Friday Flash Fiction: Busking in Montreal.

I decided to take a break from the vampire story this week to try an experiment. I waited until ten minutes to midnight to write as much as I could before the date changed, in order to still call this a Friday Flash Fiction. I picked a random page on Wikipedia as a writer’s prompt. I got “Songwriters Association of Canada.” I wrote right up until 11:59. That’s why the story ends so abruptly. That’s probably for the better, but it was a fun little experiment, anyway.

I tried to play my guitar but my fingers were too damn cold. The best I could do was strum chords slowly. That’s fine, but I had lost my voice the previous night yelling at a hockey game. At best I looked like somebody warming up, or perhaps just some guy strumming his guitar on the sidewalk for fun. I certainly didn’t look like I was busking, even though I had an empty Tim Horton’s coffee cup sitting out in front of me. The passers-by didn’t seem to notice the cold so much. That’s probably because they were used to these cold Montreal winters. I, on the other hand, was more used to the weather of Florida this time of year.

My Canadian cousin had to get married just after New Year’s. I suppose that would have been fine if my car hadn’t been stolen two nights prior while I was in the arena watching the game. I didn’t even have the directions to the place nor did I have enough money to book into a hotel. My phone had died, so I couldn’t even call for help. I tried going to the police but aside from making a report they weren’t much help. I left and started wandering around without even remembering to see if I could borrow a phone charger. I figured I could raise enough money playing my songs on the curb in order to buy a cheap charger that I could plug in somewhere. But nobody was dropping anything in my coffee cup.


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