“Sunday” List: Top five reasons to get up at three in the morning today.

For some discernible reason I woke up just after two in the morning. It’s nearly an hour later and I can’t go back to sleep. Considering I usually get up at five-thirty I decided to just stay up. I know I’ll regret it on the other end of my work day, although I know I’m not going to have a physically active day as I have to run the front end again. One of the things that was keeping me awake was thinking about all of the reasons that it might be just as well that I get up. So I’m turning that into this week’s “Sunday” List. I present the top five reasons that I’m getting up so early today. (Exciting topic for a blog post, isn’t it?)

  1. I can write this blog post. It seems to be a running theme lately that I can’t get to a particular day’s blog post, only to publish it the next morning. I don’t have any real excuse this time other than I couldn’t think of anything for yesterday other than I had a lot of things to do and didn’t try to think of anything for a topic until it was too late. Even then I was running dry with ideas. So not only do I get a second chance by getting up early, I have a topic.
  2. I can get started on the next one. Speaking of which, I can get “caught up” on my blog posts by getting started on today’s book review. I don’t intend on writing the whole thing right off, but a beginning to the review came to me so I might as well jot it down so I have a head start on it so I can finish it when I get home from work. That is, of course, if I don’t fall asleep as soon as I get here. For those interested, this week’s book review is of The Spy by Paulo Coehlo.
  3. I can read this week’s issue of The New Yorker. Over the past few months the e-reader edition of The New Yorker has been released later and later in the day on Sundays. It now comes out around eight in the evening, which is half an hour before I go to bed. As a result I don’t get to read the whole thing in one sitting like I used to. I don’t necessarily have to but it is nice to get caught up on one aspect of my reading so I can read one of the numerous books on my Kindle at work instead, or perhaps listening to podcasts so I don’t fall behind on those, either. Either way, I can satisfy my compulsion to read as much of the magazine before my work week this morning.
  4. I can leave early for work. Never mind the reasons that I might have for wanting to get to work early. I’m not even so sure that I will. It snowed overnight and it’s supposed to turn to rain at some point today. I don’t know what road conditions are like. Why risk my life rushing to work? I can get ready for work a lot earlier than I usually do so I can play it safe.
  5. It’s probably better for my health. I’m sorry to be wishy-washy to use the phrase “I seem to remember reading somewhere” and not citing my sources, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that studies have found that it’s bad for one’s health to go right back to sleep if one wakes up after so many hours. Sleep getting interrupted is bad for the health, but going back to sleep for just a few more hours is worse. I’m sorry that I can’t cite my source for this as I really don’t remember where I read this. I think it was The New Yorker but I get the feeling that it may have also been The Huffington Post. Either way, it was a few years ago now. I’ll let you do the research. The point is that I probably would have allowed myself to go back to sleep if I could, but if this study is correct than I have some sour grapes to use here.

Damn, this topic gave me much more material than I thought it would. Time to down my first cup of coffee of the day and get on one with things.


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