DELAYED POST FROM TWO MONTHS AGO: “Random Thoughts: I’m out sick today.”

For some reason this post that I wrote two months ago didn’t get published. Instead, it’s been sitting in the drafts section of my WordPress account the whole time. Seeing that I don’t have a writing progress blog post to write for today—that’s not to say that I don’t have any progress to report, but nothing interesting enough to write about—I’m going to publish this old post instead. For a point of reference, I wrote this Random Thoughts post on a Monday when I normally write a book review. By the way, I may not publish a Friday Flash Fiction tomorrow. I fully intend on writing something but by hand. I’ll publish it online the following day. I plan on going to a concert in Cambridge tomorrow night and I’d rather take a notebook and pen with me instead of my computer.

  • I’m swapping the Random Thoughts post with this week’s book review. I’ve been so sick today that I can’t really focus on something that involved. But I didn’t want to let a day go by without a post, and these Random Thoughts posts are a little easier for me to write. At least this way I’ll get some writing in. I’ll try to also start working on revisions on the screenplay, but it would involve me getting up and taking my laptop to my printer. I’m feeling better as the day goes on but I still get a bit nauseous.
  • I was so sick this morning that I had to call out from work. I never do that. But I got very little sleep, especially as I was up vomiting throughout the night (you wanted to know that, right?) so I took that as my clue that I really shouldn’t try going in to work. I’m still not feeling very well as I write this in the middle of the afternoon, although I probably could go in at this point. But what would be the point of that, when I have to go back at seven in the morning tomorrow? I already have a lot of work to make up, I’m sure, by the fact that I took some time off from work last week. I’m used to having to make up work there anyway from time to time. What’s one more day?
  • The one thing that I did miss that I feel kind of bad about was that today we were having free lunch paid for by the company, and they were going to make sure that they would have vegetarian food on hand. The store was also combining the free food with a pot luck. I don’t know what I would have taken but it would have been some sort of dessert. Granted, I wouldn’t have been able to keep anything down, anyway. But I’ll take in doughnuts or something tomorrow to “make up” for it. Honestly, I’m not a fan of pot lucks but now I’m worried that people might think I was just trying to get out of it. They probably won’t, but once the thought is there in my head it sticks.
  • Soon after I called out this morning I did manage to get some sleep for a few hours. That definitely helped me feel better. I’m still a little queasy. I’m going to risk something spicy for dinner. But I think I might throw out the bagged salad that I was going to have with it. I’m 95% sure that that wasn’t what caused me to get sick, it was more likely something else I had last night. But I’ve had bad luck with it before. I don’t know—I’ll just have to see how it smells.

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