Tuesday Random Thoughts: Book Reviews (or lack thereof),old routines, root canals.

  • I’m going to make another announcement when it comes closer to the actual time, but I decided that throughout January and February I’m going to put a hold on book reviews. I have too much reading that I want to get caught up on and this will be easier for me to do so. For one thing, I feel ill-equipped to review the likes of Dickens at Twain right now, and I have complete collections of both on my Kindle that I’d like to read through. This will also help me have the time to read as I sometimes have to read at a slower pace for reviews than when I read for pleasure, especially when I take notes as I go. In February I’ll also be taking part in the RPM Challenge again, so I won’t have time to read much anyway. I’ll continue the book review books for the next three weeks (aside from possibly this next Monday, although that’s up in the air still).
  • I found that I’ve gone back to some sense of my old routine, involving guitar practice (mostly classical) right after dinner followed by a writing session, reading regularly, my old grocery shopping habits and keeping up with all of my podcasts. I tried taking up jogging again but it’s hard when it’s cold and dark this time of year. My father’s treadmill, which is in the basement of my apartment building, is broken for good, and I can’t afford to go to a gym right now. I also haven’t taken up meditation again yet. I wanted everything else to settle into place first. I really want to add both back to my regular schedule, though.
  • I just had to make an appointment next January for another root canal treatment. This time it’s for the tooth that they’ve been working on for the past couple of years. The dentist did say that he was watching that tooth, unsure if it was also infected or not. It turns out there’s an abscess in the gums underneath. Because I’ve nearly maxed out my insurance, I have to wait until next month in order to pay for this. The insurance pays half. Considering the bill is going to be over $1,500 I’m willing to put up with the pain for a little bit longer. After all, I haven’t been able to comfortably eat on that side for years anyway, what’s a few more weeks?

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