Writing Progress Thursday: Computer woes.

I thought that yesterday I was going to have at least something to report in regards to converting my old MS Works files into Rich Text format so I could review them in Final Draft. For reasons that I’d rather not go into I didn’t get around to that project yesterday. No big deal, I thought. I’ll just get to that project today instead. I slacked off a little and got around to starting a little late this evening but that’s fine, I can get something done. I’m not sure if the power supply for my new computer is compatible with the old one, but somehow I’ll turn the old computer on, open up Works, and start converting these files on my USB drive.

I can’t find the damn computer. I cleaned out this apartment of a lot of stuff so there’s not a lot of places for it to hide on me. But I must have stuck in a box and packed it in the attic. I’m not going through that minefield this late in the day. If I want to go that route I’ll try again tomorrow.

But I do have the MS Works disc that came with one of my older computers. Surely I can install that on this new one without any legal implications, right? I must have the right to make a copy for “archival” purposes. I’ll just count that as the copy that’s on whichever old computer that came with. I have one laptop that’s pretty much dead, and it might have been on that one. So I’m home-free, right?

Probably, as far as legal problems are concerned, but it’s going to take a while to set that program work, as long as Vista will operate it anyway. Even then, I might have to wait forever for updates to install afterwards. And it really is getting too late in the day for me to start something like that now.

Tomorrow I’ll do this. I really want to be able to access these files. I wrote them, damn it. I might have been lazy the past few months but I want to be able to access my creations, even if I’m not going to touch them again. I had the crazy idea to take all of my old stories, no matter how bad, and use them as inspirations for new screenplay outlines. Even if this new screenplay that I wrote doesn’t go anywhere I’ll have others to write. But damn it, I have to access the files first. I’m also anxiously waiting to hear feedback from the people that agreed to help me. Hell, all of this is taking so long that maybe it’s enough of a break for me to go back to the script with a fresh perspective of my own. My first run-through with a red pen wasn’t as critical as it probably should be.

I have a busy weekend ahead but I have at least tomorrow night to get started on the files. Is my subconscious purposefully coming up with setbacks to keep me from finishing anything?


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