Tuesday Random Thoughts: worrying about yesterday’s blog post, work thoughts, file conversions.

  • I’m probably worrying about this more than I should (as I often do with things) but I’m concerned about the way I ended yesterday’s book review. I was trying to add a personal touch to a review this time in order to show how much impact the book had. But then I wonder if I made it sound like I’m repressing some guilt over committing sexual harassment lawsuit or something when I was younger. I only meant that when I was growing up I had a hard time learning reading signals from other people and made some advances the wrong way, but nothing ever stronger than a rare, unwelcome arm around the shoulders that were quickly rejected. I’m not proud of these moments nor do I justify them, but I learned from them. Nonetheless, the book served to bring those feelings of dread and guilt to the surface, especially as it forced me to get into the mind of the character. That’s what I was trying to get at; that the book was well-written enough that it jarred me.
  • A woman came up to me at the service desk at the store I work at yesterday (while I was ringing through another customer, incidentally) and asked where Circuit City was. I don’t name my current employers on this blog but I will say that the building I work in was where the Circuit City near me was until they closed. I told her that they went out of business years ago. She asked what moved into their place.
  • Also at work we’re collecting donations to buy food to donate to local food banks in the Northeast. It’s okay if somebody can’t donate or doesn’t want to at that given moment. I don’t blame them, really. I always say that I’m willing to donate to a charity if I research it when I get the chance, and I honestly mean it, but as soon as I walk away I forget that I was going to look it up. But what gets me are people that try to give excuses so they don’t feel bad; the worst are the people who say that they already gave through their church. Some woman said that to me today and I almost said “Yes, but here there’s a guarantee that all the money will go to charity.” I didn’t say it, of course, plus I have no proof that her particular church doesn’t do the same thing. But it irks me that people use the “I already gave” excuse as if that means I’m supposed to assume that they can’t give anymore, not even a dollar to a worthy cause.
  • I have plans on Saturday to go to up to Portland to see a performance of Start Making Sense, a Talking Heads cover band and one of my favorite live bands. They play in Portland all of the time (they’re coming to the same place later in the month). However, this is before Christmas and I haven’t even started my shopping yet. The show is relatively cheap but I always end up spending money while I’m in Portland. I can easily budget my day but I have to be careful. Hey, maybe I can get some shopping done while I’m out. I don’t always have to drive to New Hampshire to save on sales tax.
  • I had plans this week to spend my writing time after work going through some older works to maybe work on them while I wait for some feedback on my screenplay. The only problem is that my current laptop didn’t come with Microsoft Works like my older ones did, and I didn’t pay for a license to use Office when I got the thing even though it would have been cheaper then to do so. I knew that I was going to use Final Draft for screenplays. I also intended to look into other word processors down the line. I didn’t realize that Final Draft can work for other documents as well. That’s all well and good, but I can’t open .doc files in Final Draft. It can, however, open Rich Text Files. That would be fine if I had software that could open the original files. I don’t want to try one of those online conversion tools as I don’t entirely trust them. I may be able to use my other, somewhat working laptop to open the files just so I could convert the files. Even if it works, though, it’s going to take a while. I think I see what tomorrow after work is going to be like. It’s too bad I don’t have an easy way available to network the two computers. Oh, well—it’s not like unplugging and plugging in a USB drive is that difficult.

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