Tues… Wednesday Random Thoughts: Vampire audio books and post-election Proopcasts.

  • I’m currently borrowing the audio book version of Prince Lestat from the library. I wanted to get caught up on The Vampire Chronicles as quickly as possible, so I figured that once I finished Interview With a Vampire I would try to borrow them in audio form as much as possible. Of course, by this point fans of the series probably know the mistake that I had made: the second book in the series is The Vampire Lestat, while Prince Lestat is the most recent book in the series. I guess I lost “Goth points.” But it’s not that bad a mistake. After I realized my mistake and looked up the series online to research it more, I discovered that while it’s a continuation of the series, Prince Lestat acts as a sort of a beginning to a new set of books, and the next one comes out this coming Tuesday. In that case, it’s probably good that I listen to this one now so I can pick up a copy of the new on next week, and maybe I’ll write a review for it for this blog.
  • As I borrowed this book I had to wonder about the legalities of copying it onto my computer and then onto my iPod in order to listen to it. I would have no intention of keeping those copies, even once I’ve returned the discs. But it’s easier for me to listen to audio files on my iPod than on disc these days. That’s what my alarm clock connects to in the morning, as well as my shower radio. I have no portable CD player for when (well, currently, if) I go jogging. But it isn’t like I’m copying one of my own CDs. These discs belong to somebody else and the copies wouldn’t be on their computer. (Never mind the fact that there are ways to legally borrow audio book and I couldn’t find this one through those means.) Would it be legal, and either way, would anybody care? So far I’ve been good. I’m just starting disc four without copying anything so it really isn’t that hard to do. And I’m not going to announce what I decide here either way, just in case. But I have to wonder what the possible legal ramifications would be.
  • I didn’t write a blog post for Tuesday Random Thoughts last night because I was listening to this week’s The Smartest Man in the World podcast. Not only am I trying to keep up with podcasts but this one was nearly three hours long. It was the first one Greg Proops, an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, recorded after the election. I knew that even though I enjoyed it, I wanted to listen to it and get it over with. I’m sure he’s not leaving the subject alone but I imagined that this one would be the hardest to listen to. Besides, I don’t like breaking up podcasts when I can. I’m willing to get behind on them, but not breaking them up. I started listening to the show when I was practicing guitar yesterday, so I stuck with it. I knew I wasn’t really going to have anything for Writing Progress Wednesday this week so I didn’t mind putting this one off.
  • Speaking of which, I’ll probably do another one like this tomorrow, if I have the time. I’m working a later shift than usual because of the holiday store hours, and I’m going in early the next day. I have to try to get to sleep early tomorrow despite the late start.

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