Writing Progress: Thinking about peer review on my screenplay.

I finished this stage of the revision process where I took the notes I made and changed the screenplay accordingly in Final Draft. Now it’s time I seek out peer review. It may seem like it’s too soon to have other people look at it. I only wrote one draft and then made some changes and corrections based on some notes that I made. But if one counts the outline that I made before writing the screenplay, one could argue that I already wrote the second draft. Either that, or I have no clue what I’m doing. Either way, it’s time I look for outside help.

Yet I don’t want to let just anybody look at it. I don’t want to submit my complete script to strangers for fear that they could steal it. Maybe that’s something I should just get over and take my chances. I also had the idea that if I could get interest from people online, perhaps I could pass out different sections to different people. The only problem then is that I would get different types of feedback that could conflict. That would be a good idea if each person responded to complete scripts, but it could get confusing when it comes to different parts.

I also don’t want to pass it to all of my friends. I’ve had bad luck with getting feedback that way. Even when they do make it all the way through I usually only get “I liked it” as feedback. That certainly feeds my ego but I want to take this thing more seriously and get constructive feedback. I have a couple of writer friends, one of which already said she’d be willing to look at what I’ve got. I e-mailed her, so now I’m just waiting to hear back. I helped review another friend’s work before, so maybe he would return the favor. He might do that already, though. I hope so. I don’t want to play that card, considering I only spell and grammar checked a short story of his. I have a whole screenplay this time.

At what point do I get an agent? Or should I bother? I know it would help selling the screenplay, but would the agent help with proofreading? For that matter, when it comes to paying other people for this, are there people that would be willing to do this for money, and do nothing else with this? I would hope that there was some sort of contract that they would have to sign to protect me from plagiarism.

Or I could just be thinking this all through too much, based on a combination of paranoia and desire to fulfill my daily word count on this blog. That’s certainly part of it. But I still have to ask myself these questions. I’m unsure of myself as a writer sometimes, and sometimes it feels like it might be too late in what should be my writing career for me to not go into this cautiously.


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