Tuesday Random Thoughts: Batman, Red Dwarf, iPod Speakers.

  • This weekend I watched a couple of new DVD releases that I recently picked up. On Saturday morning I watched Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. It’s an animated “sequel” to the sixties television series starring Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar reprising their roles from the show. I don’t think I have had that much fun watching a movie in a long time. I found myself smiling all the way through if not outright laughing. Longtime readers of this blog should know that I’m a huge fan of the old show, and as an homage I thought this movie nailed it. They obviously had to make a few changes to avoid trademark issues (the characters are owned by Warner Bros. but the show is owned by Fox, not to mention all of the other rights issues such as actor likenesses and so on). But it stood on its own—even if I hadn’t seen the show, the reasons I would love the show would be the reasons I liked this movie. But knowing the old show certainly helps have an appreciation of what the makers of this movie did. And there’s also a Get Smart homage near the beginning of the movie as well. There was obviously a lot of fun going into making this movie which comes across in the experience of watching it.
  • On Saturday night I sat down and had a marathon of the Red Dwarf XI. Again, longtime readers should also know that I’m a huge Red Dwarf fan. (Perhaps I should have done a Nerdy Saturday post after all.) There was one joke in the first episode that caused me to laugh so hard that I had to pause the show. That’s only happened to me once before in my life (during an episode of David Tennant’s run on Doctor Who… “It goes ding when there’s stuff”). Unfortunately, I laughed less as the show went on, but the same happened to me when Red Dwarf X. I think that’s largely due to marathon-viewing of the entire series at once rather than the quality of the show itself. I recognized things were funny, I just couldn’t laugh at them. I should have spaced it out. I just couldn’t help myself.
  • I bought this iPod docking system speaker-thing a week and a half ago at a thrift store. I wanted to replace the big, old and partially broken stereo system that I kept in my kitchen with something smaller and just for my iPod. I haven’t had good luck with like electronics at thrift shops but I decided to give it a shot. So far it’s worked great. It didn’t come with a power cord so I thought I would get one of those universal power adapters for it. It turns out that they’re hard to find in stores these days. But it’s been running on batteries this whole time and it’s still going strong. I rather like the portability of it as well. Maybe I’ll just stick with the batteries, then.
  • You’ll notice that I haven’t been political all week. I’m keeping this blog apolitical for a while. I for one am sick of politics. I’m not avoiding them, but unless I have a real reason or can’t help myself I’m keeping out of the whole discussion for now. Maybe later.

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