Sunday List: Five “lesser” goals.

I’ve published blog posts with lists of larger goals which I want to achieve that will change my life in large ways, such as getting a better job, sell my screenplay, and so on. But there’s other, lesser things that I feel will also better me as a person. I say “lesser” not to diminish their importance but to refer to priority. While I feel that these are just as important in the long run as my larger goals, they can be put off when the larger goals need to take priority in my schedule. As usual there’s no specific order in terms of magnitude as I present my five “lesser” goals that I wish to achieve.

When making my list I noticed that the following feel more like resolutions than goals. The difference in my mind is that goals have a timetable to stick to, whereas resolutions are the broader ideas that generate goals that follow. But as I don’t have any desire to make timetables for the following, plus the fact that I’m bad at following my goals’ timetables anyway, I’m grouping them together under the same category… in my mind, at least.

  1. Take up classical guitar again. I dropped classical guitar practice over a year ago. I took a break so I could focus on writing but also because I felt that I was only practicing classical in order to go through the motions. I didn’t think that I was getting anything out of it anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion recently that the best way to test that hypothesis is to take up the practice again, and see if there’s any difference, in terms of my playing or improvement of my character. I’ve clipped my right-hand finger nails since I gave it up last year, but as I’m not planning on making a career out of playing classical music or even recording any, I’m not worried about it.
  2. Write more poetry. I’ve tried this before but had a hard time keeping it up. As a writer it doesn’t hurt to explore other forms of writing, and who knows? I might get some published. Again, this could also just improve my character. The same goes for visual art, such as drawing, which was a hobby I abandoned once I reached adulthood. It’s time to set aside a time of day for each interest. Perhaps when I first get up in the morning, before I go to work?
  3. Catch up on my reading. This is the hardest with all of the other things I want to do. Besides that, what do I mean by “catch up” on my reading? If I have no obligations to read for any school assignment or anything, what’s the rush? The problem is that I have a list of books that I’ve intended to read for a long time that I haven’t gotten to yet. A lot of them are sitting on my Kindle and I haven’t even started them yet. That’s not to mention all of the books that I wanted to start reading once I started researching Goth subculture. Reading for my Monday book reviews felt like it was getting in the way of this goal. I could just abandon my rule of reviewing new releases in order to both exercise my reviewing skills while also catching up on my book collection. Or I could also look into audio books. I could just sit down and get own with it instead of thinking too hard about it. That’s probably the obvious solution that I keep avoiding.
  4. Write more music. This goes along with the poetry and visual art, but music has always been more of a hobby to me. Even when I gave up a lot of my musical activity to focus on writing, I still felt like music provided an outlet to express myself in ways that writing could not. Besides, I have no intention on giving up Shadows of Immurement, or, if Mike is willing, Popkin-Salvador.

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