Tuesday Random Thoughts: Election Day 2016 edition.

  • There’s no point in me writing about anything for this week’s Tuesday Random Thoughts other than the election. I’ve been keeping this blog mostly apolitical over the past few months for no reason other than lack of interest in writing about political topics. Even though I have a blog that I’m trying to maintain regularly I don’t have to write about my political views to take part in politics or have political opinions. But really, over the past year I’ve had enough. Still, while I’m not going to try not to preach or get on a soapbox tonight, I’m going to limit my Random Thoughts on current events.
  • Yes, I voted for Hillary Clinton, but not because she’s the lesser of two evils. I admit that was my initial argument, and I can strongly sympathize with that stance. But if I was to make “lesser of two evils” and “the better candidate” as two points on a spectrum, in recent months I’ve been heading towards the latter side. But I’m not going into why. I’ll just leave it to the fact that I think she’s better suited for the job.
  • There were several instances, however, that I took the “lesser of two evils” approach for the referendum questions on the Maine state ballot. There were several questions that I voted yes for but I didn’t think the solution didn’t go far enough. For example, I voted yes on question number one, which dealt with legalizing marijuana in the state for recreational use. I feel that it should, but I find the laws proposed are still too restrictive. But I decided that it’s at least a step in the right direction. The same goes for raising the minimum wage. The proposed amount is still far too low, but if we don’t vote yes then it remains at the dismal amount it’s at.
  • I was going to comment on how the election is going as I write this. But damn, it’s way too close for me to give any opinions. Plus, it’s still early in the process. I will say that I’m surprised by some states, especially Texas. It seems like Clinton is winning there—although it keeps going back and forth, and I recognize that it could change after I’ve published this blog post. Still, it’s a lot closer than I expected. That’s true across the country so far. This is just way too close for comfort.
  • Throughout yesterday and today I’ve been trying to catch up on everything that I normally listen to or read in terms of podcasts, magazines or blogs that might relate to the election. I don’t want to try to consume anything written beforehand afterwards. It would just feel odd listening to a podcast about the “upcoming” election after it happens. In that way this election feels like a border. Or it could just be anal-retentiveness. Either way, I haven’t gotten much done on the screenplay. It’s unlikely I would have been able to focus on it tonight, anyway. I’ll just get back to working on it tomorrow.

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