Self-discovery Saturday: I started reading “The Vampire Chronicles.”

Today I started reading Interview With a Vampire by Anne Rice. It’s taken me a long time to get around to this one. Honestly, before recently I never had any inclination to read this or any other books from The Vampire Chronicles. I used to have some weird bias against successful vampire book series, thinking that they were all targeted towards preteens or something.

But as I’ve been on this quest of self-discovery over the past few months and decided to (eventually) become more engaged in the Gothic community, I needed to know what I was talking about. It’s not that I wanted to read Rice’s books because I thought that would make me more Goth. But I did want to have some understanding of what everybody else was talking about. What could it hurt to read the books, then?

Aside from my misunderstanding of the type of books they are I also hesitated to read anything by Rice in general. I knew that she became very religious at one point and wrote books along those lines. I didn’t really know the history of her beliefs but for a long time that was enough to not want to read anything by her. I’m not proud of this, as it shouldn’t matter what the author’s beliefs are if her books aren’t preaching to me… although I should say that I didn’t know if they were going to be preachy or not. Then again, that’s not my fault for not doing my research.

When I checked out a book the other day for Monday’s book review I also picked up a volume which contained Interview With a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned. I knew that was a lot in one go but I have a few weeks to return it. I read the other book this morning, rather quickly. In the middle of the afternoon I got started on Interview. I then got hooked. I now see what the hoopla is all about.

I won’t bother with a review. But I was surprised by how good the book is so far. I didn’t read the whole thing in one go as I had other things to do today. But I just took the book to a coffee shop in Portsmouth and got up to page 70. (I know, I’m a wild party animal when I go out on a Saturday night.) I plan on reading more before lights out tonight. I doubt I’ll get to it all in one sitting but I’m sure I’ll finish Interview before the weekend is over.

So, does reading it make me feel any more Goth? Like I said, that wasn’t the point. But I’m discovering that there are a lot of books, movies and especially music that I didn’t know I would like as much before I started embracing the subculture revolving around these things. Now I have to keep working on my look and then work up the confidence to go to a Goth club. I’m a bit older than the usual baby bat but hopefully I won’t get chased away right off. At least, if I don’t share all of the knowledge I’m developing a passion for the Gothic work. I just need to adapt the lifestyle more.


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