Friday Fiction: A Vampire’s Story, Part 2.

For part one, see yesterday’s post.

At first I didn’t know what exactly I was hungry for. I just knew somehow that the man I had just made eye contact with had what I wanted. I followed him, keeping my distance at first. He had a brisk step but wasn’t in any hurry. I kept pace with him for minute or two before I realized that the only footsteps I heard on the sidewalk were his. Was it the water in my shoes? Was I a ghost? I let these and other questions pass through my mind while I kept focused on the man in front of me.
Finally he stopped. I stopped as well, at the same distance behind. He looked to his right, although I did not attempt to move out of his sight. He blinked with a confused look in his eye but made no concerted effort to show that he saw me. Instead he turned his head about face and resumed walking. I kept my distance but noticed that this time he picked up the pace. As our speed increased so did my hunger. I still knew that he had what I wanted. I could see that he didn’t carry any food. No, somehow I desired something inside him. And I began to suspect that he wasn’t going to give it to me willingly.
We neared the end of the sidewalk, and thus the end of the lampposts. There was a dirt path that led up a hill into a street with what looked like commercial buildings lining it. I didn’t know what time it was, but it didn’t matter. I felt more alive that night than what the rest of the world looked like. The man entered that path, briefly walking into darkness. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to see him once I, too, left the reach of the lamppost we just recently passed. Yet when I set foot on that path I found that even though I could tell it was darker there, I was able to see everything in greater detail. The man slowed as he went up the hill. I still had no idea if he knew if I was behind him. I didn’t care. I knew that in the darkness I had an advantage over him. I also knew that that meant it was time to strike. Soon he would be up on that street, and I didn’t know how many people might pass by to witness what was about to happen—not that I quite knew what was going to happen yet. I just knew that the closer I got to him, the more would come to me.
I darted up the hill towards him. I still didn’t hear my footsteps, but I did feel a gust of wind fly by me towards him. He must have felt it as well, for he stopped. He turned around just as I leapt up in the air. He put his hands out before him as he made an exclamation, but no avail. I grabbed his arms as I pounced on him, pushing him towards the ground. I held his wrists together in one hand while I put my hand over his mouth. It stifled the scream so that only the two of us could hear it. He kicked, and I could tell that there was quite a bit of strength in his kicks, but they didn’t move me at all.
It suddenly came to me as to what I had to do. I slowly held the wrist up to my mouth. His eyes went wide as I bit into a vein. Then I drank. That voice in the back of my mind returned. It told me that I shouldn’t have enjoyed the iron taste as much as I did. But I resolved to ignore that voice starting then and there. The rush of blood into my own system felt not only satiable but somehow euphoric. It not only fed my body but rejuvenated my psyche. I felt more awake and alert. I was able to take in my surroundings more fully.
As such I saw that once I let my teeth off of his wrists the man stopped struggling. I realized that I had killed him. The voice told me that I should have felt guilty yet somehow I felt no remorse over what I had done. I let go of the wrists, noticing that there were two small puncture marks in the one I had bitten. They looked very similar to the ones on my own neck. I put my hand up to my teeth and discovered that instead of what I considered normal human teeth, I had two fangs on either side of my upper set.
I stood up and looked down at the corpse in front of me. Even though we had struggled his suit looked to be in much better condition than my own clothing. I quickly stripped down and took a moment to wipe the blood off of my mouth and hand with my t-shirt. I discarded them into some nearby bushes and began to carefully take the clothes off of the man on the ground. As I put it on it didn’t quite fit my body type completely but all in all it covered my own body adequately. The shoes weren’t quite right but they would do until I could go get something better. I took one more look at the corpse and realized that it looked somehow shriveled. How much blood did I drain from him? I decided to give it no more thought.
It suddenly occurred to me that I could stay in that place for very long. I knew by this point that I was superior in strength and agility than the average person but I didn’t yet know my own limits. I didn’t want to find out by getting caught. I decided to continue up that path towards the street. At least there I might be able to remember some landmark to tell me where I was. If not, at least I could find some way around. It wasn’t like I was lost in the wilderness somewhere.
The hill gave me no problem. I noticed that I made my way up more swiftly than I had before I fed. I started to feel giddy, in fact, and started running briskly. I let out a howl which dissolved into a maniacal laughter. I lost control.
As a result I didn’t realize that I had not only left the path but ran across the sidewalk out into the road. It would figure that in that otherwise deserted street that I ran right in front of the only moving car.
I stopped and stared right at it. The idea of getting hit by that car caused no fear in me. However, the headlights were much more intense than those lampposts that dimly lit my way on the sidewalk by the water. The pain, the burning sensation was too intense for me to bear. I couldn’t move out of the way. I smelled smoke, and notice that it came from my exposed hands and face. I covered my eyes with my forearms as the car sped towards me. Then and there I felt like I was going to die, not by impact but by burning to death.


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