Tuesday Random Thoughts: in pain, working on Thanksgiving?

  • I have been in pain all day. I can’t just pinpoint just one part of my body that hurt; it was all over my upper body and arms at various points. It started last night and got to its worst right before going to bed. I hurt severely primarily in my left shoulder and back, and couldn’t find a comfortable position, preventing me from going to sleep right away. This morning I woke up with the pain in the shoulder still, which shot down my arm. As my work day went on I was still sore in the shoulder but my back and sides also hurt. I have no idea what caused all of this. Could it be that the formal vest that I wore to work yesterday for Halloween had something to do with it? I didn’t wear a costume, I just wanted to dress up more. But that meant that I was trying to avoid ruining my “good” clothing. I don’t think I lifted anything differently than I normally do. I didn’t even hurt at work yesterday. But today I could barely stand for any length of time, it got so bad. If it continues for another day or two I’ll have to go see a doctor.
  • I’ve made a point to not work on Thanksgiving at my current job every year so far. It’s already a paid holiday, so I get to enjoy a four-day work week. Besides, my family gets together for the whole day. However, in addition to my holiday pay the company has to pay time and a half to anybody who works on that day. We’re talking about some serious money at this point, and I really could use it. Everybody that would go to my father’s place on Thanksgiving is fine with getting together that weekend instead—except my father. Even though he’s retired, he wants every holiday celebration to take place on that day. He did seem like he might go along with changing the day. But if he doesn’t I’m not going to cry over not working. Still, I’m in a lot of debt. And he’s one of the people I owe a lot of money to. I would think it would be in his interest for me to work a full shift that day. That is, of course, I don’t kill myself working at that job ahead of time.

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