Six reasons I don’t go to the Palladium in Worcester anymore.

In my (delayed) post for yesterday I discussed why I no longer wish to go to the Palladium in Worcester for concerts. I have a few reasons so as a follow-up to that post, and for today’s Sunday List, I present six reasons why I don’t plan to go to the Palladium for concerts anymore.

To be fair, it isn’t a totally bad place. The security is much more responsible than at some other places I’ve been to. The staff are generally friendly, or at least professional. And I have a lot of good memories there. But still, bands are booking at better venues and unless somebody I really, really want to see plays there, I doubt I’ll ever go there again.

  1. Bands that I want to see aren’t booking there much anymore. Even if I still wanted to go to every metal show that comes my way, the Palladium isn’t getting them as much these days. I don’t know exactly what happened but it looks like more bands are booking in Boston or its neighboring suburbs. That’s just as well, they’ll probably get more of an audience. It looks more like the Palladium is getting more metalcore and hip-hop shows these days, which I understand is popular in Worcester.
  2. It’s a pain in the ass for me to get to. Okay, speaking of Boston, the Palladium is easier to drive to in terms of easy-to-follow directions. However, it takes me an hour-and-a-half to two hours just to get to the neighborhood. Then I have to circle around for a parking space. Perhaps I’m spoiled with going out to Portsmouth, with all of the free parking and the cheap garage. But I refuse to pay “event parking” fees when I can avoid it. Then it takes me a long time to drive back and if it’s late and I’m alone, the fatigue can be dangerous.
  3. The place is always too hot or too cold. The main hall is huge and therefore hard to heat when it’s cold out and air condition when it’s summer. This may seem picky but if I’m going to be there for a few hours at a time I want to be comfortable. It’s bad enough that there’s so few places to sit. Not everybody wants to be jumping around and getting sweaty.
  4. The sound sucks, at least for the main stage. There’s no getting around it: no matter how good the mix is, the sound quality sucks in that huge cavern that is the main hall. That actually benefits some bands, but for the most part it’s a burden when it comes to enjoying the music.
  5. They charge way, way too much for beer and snacks. That is, for what little selection they have. They have a full bar as far as hard liquor is concerned but as far as beer is concerned, they only have a few cans of major brands. On top of that, they charge nearly seven bucks a can. I know I’m at a concert but at everywhere else I go for shows seems to charge standard bar prices, and actually offer a selection of local craft beer. The snack bar isn’t much better, although at least the small restaurant next door opened a window through to the lobby of the Palladium. If I felt like paying those prices.
  6. The bathrooms are crap. I mean that literally and figuratively. I know not to get too picky in this area but with all of the staff they hire you would think that they would have somebody to clean them once in a while, at least changing the soap. Another problem is the placement of the restrooms in the upper, secondary stage, in particular the men’s room. It’s right next to the stage, which means one has to make his way through the crowd. Even then, as the bathrooms aren’t getting taken care of the smell can build up and cause a problem for the band and the audience in front of the stage.

The distance is the biggest thing for me but over the years I’ve grown tired of the place for the problems listed above. I’m glad that I had that part of my personal history. But it’s time to move on.


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