Writing Progress: I finished the first draft of my screenplay.

I know, my update is a day late. But isn’t this a good point to post an update, seeing as I finished the first draft of my screenplay today? It’s amazing what taking a few days off from work will accomplish. I think I am going to take a guilt-free break for the rest of the time off before I start working on revisions.

Alas, that’s the part that always seems to be my weakness. I have this nasty habit of starting the next project when I should be revising the next one. I am pleased that I managed to revise the two short stories I have for sale on Amazon (links at the top of the page) but I have numerous other ones sitting on USB sticks that need a lot of work. That’s not to mention a couple of novels that I need to revisit at some point. But I really wanted to push ahead with this screenplay first, as that was the main reason I picked the Media Studies major in college in the first place.

Like I said before, I want to have something that I feel comfortable submitting by the end of the year. I suppose I won’t always feel totally comfortable with whatever I have, but I guess the idea would be “good enough to show others.” I also need to figure out how to get into the screenwriters guild so I can even get the film made, should any studio like my script. For that matter, I should start looking into agents. (It’s just as well, then, that I wait until next year to actually shop the thing around, for financial reasons alone.)

I don’t know when exactly I’m going to shop the screenplay around next year. It would be nice to say that I will start right as soon as I have something ready. But I still want to take part in the RPM Challenge in February. It’s not like I have a deadline to meet. I can wait a little bit longer.

As I wrote quite a bit before starting this blog post today I think I’m just going to cut it short. Time to relax for the rest of the day, I think.


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