Tuesday Random Thoughts: mini-vacation, Goth at work, becoming a night person.

  • I’m taking the rest of the week off from work. My accrued time starts over at the beginning of December, the time I have doesn’t roll over and essentially all of November is “blacked out.” This means I’m going to have to use what time I have left this month or lose it. As I had some plans this week already I figured I would just take the time now. I wish I could have used some of my sick time to finish off the week, especially as I was dead-tired today. But that’s okay. Five days off in a row is better than nothing.
    Aside from the few plans that I had already made or this week (a concert on Friday and at some point, a dinner with some family members to celebrate my sister’s birthday), I intend on spending a lot of time working on the screenplay. I do want to relax and try to go out into the world a bit as well, but there’s nothing wrong with a working vacation as long as the work is less stressful than what I actually do to earn a paycheck.
  • I had a chat with the district manager at work today before I left. I explained to him that I decided to engage more in the Goth subculture, including the look. I asked him who I should talk to about what my limits are in expressing myself in such a manner at the workplace. I’m willing to tone it down and work within the confines of the dress code. I just want to make sure that I don’t make a big mistake before it’s too late. Besides, I have pragmatic reasons for not wearing full regalia: sneakers are more productive considering the physical nature of some of the tasks there than Demonia boots, some of my jewelry could get in the way and as it is I only barely have enough time to throw on eyeliner before heading out in the morning, much less full-on whiteface. And I still haven’t gotten the hang of wearing lipstick. I don’t know what my glitch is. I guess I just need more practice.
  • I’ve been debating with myself about becoming more of a night person. I still have the job that takes place during the day, but what if I went to bed when I got home and got up several more hours before I head off to work than I do now? In other words, would there be any benefits to making the work shift the latter part of my day while enjoying the nighttime world beforehand? This might be a good week to train myself to those hours. The concert starts around three on Friday but even that would help me shift my waking hours to my desired goal, I think. It’s worth a shot. If I don’t like it I can always switch back.

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