Sunday List: Top five reasons I’m not watching the debate live.

l almost didn’t write a blog post tonight, partially out of laziness but also because I thought that everybody would be so busy with the presidential debate that anything that I would write would get lost in the mix. I didn’t have anything to say about the debate anyway as I had no intent to watch it. I had other things I wanted to do. Then it finally clicked that my Sunday List could tackle this topic head-on. So this week I present to you my top five reasons why I’m not watching the presidential debate.

  1. I’ve already made up my mind who to vote for. I’ll let you read back through my blog posts to give you a hint as to who it is if you really care. But my point is that this debate would not change my position one bit. It would only solidify my decision. Listening to the two top candidates spout off more sound bites might only make matters worse.
  2. There’s no reason to watch it live. Now that the information age is in full swing I don’t have the need to watch the debate as it’s happening. It doesn’t make me un-American or anything. There’s plenty of outlets online where I can watch it, or at least the highlights, tomorrow. That’s not to mention all of the coverage that the news will give it anyway. I’m sure of at least one of the podcasts that I listen to that will cover the debate.
  3. There’s no reason to watch it at all. Really, is the debate adding anything to what’s already been covered or what’s going to be covered? And like I said, we’re in the information age now so I can find out from the candidates themselves what they’re offering, or go to political pundits from both sides to get their opinions, or perhaps insiders leaking information…. The list goes on.
  4. I really can’t stand listening to Donald Trump. Never mind his bad politics, racism or misogyny. I really just find the guy really annoying. His lack of understanding as to how to say anything but word salad drives me up the wall.
  5. Despite my efforts, I’m still largely apolitical. I think this stems from the fact that while I have my views as to what would be the bet politics and the best way for society to live, I’m something of a misanthrope. So in other words I’m a socialist but I don’t really care what happens to people. Yet I’m still willing to play along with this pseudo-democratic system we have set up. Just don’t expect me to be very active in it.

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