Writing Progress Wednesday: Still working on the screenplay… oh, I can do other things with this computer?

I finally got back to the screenplay today. I don’t have too much to report. I am, though, interested in how once I’ve written this far I realize that I had to veer off the course set by my outline a little. The order of conversations between characters didn’t make any sense once I tried writing them out. Also, I originally had the main characters leave the attic where the occult leaders are performing a ritual only to get thrown back up there by the main antagonist to imprison them, while the ritual is still taking place up there. Instead, I had them get thrown into the basement. (By the way, I realize that I’m overusing the phrase “get thrown” but as they are literally picked up by the guy’s mind and tossed into the room, it’s apt.)

I also just found out that Final Draft isn’t just for screenplays. I was so caught up in what I needed it for I failed to look into it’s other features. It turns out that it’s a pretty versatile piece of word processing software.I’m not sure I can open my old Microsoft Works word processor files. But I believe I can save any new manuscripts I write as Office files, so they can be opened by other people with ease. And here I thought I was going to have to buy new software.

As usual with these Writing Progress Wednesdays, I’m going to end by promoting my two short stories that I have for sale on Amazon. Links to both are at the top of this page.

Yes, I know that I’m cutting these blog posts short lately. I’m trying to get back into the grove of some aspects of my life while I’m trying to reconfigure other parts and I either don’t always have the time or energy. I would rather dedicate my creative energy to other avenues at the moment. Once I get settled back into blogging regularly hopefully these posts will get back up to my self-imposed minimum of 500 words again.


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