Tuesday Random Thoughts: too tired to do anything, even adopting a cat.

  • I’ve played around with those “find out your porn name” things that have existed on the Internet for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately they always seem to include my first pet, which means my porn name includes “Blackie.” I can’t help it if my parents didn’t think it through when they named a rabbit with black fir the same name as a racial slur.
  • I didn’t get any work done on the screenplay today after all. I ended up getting pissed off and worn out at work again. I won’t bore you with the details of what happened as it really amounts to several things adding up. But I’m getting fed up with that place and, for that matter, retail in general. I need to get out. It’s not even the general public that’s the biggest problem. I just can’t stand the nature of the companies that I seem to keep working for. Sure, I want a job as a writer or something else related to my degree but it’s getting to the point where I just need something else fast. I need to get a job at some office somewhere.
  • It turns out that stray cat is one that the tenants that live in the apartment below me brought home after he was hanging around where they work for a few months. They’re feeding him and letting him into their little vestibule when it’s cold and rainy but for the most part he’s hanging outside around the building. They’re not taking him in—they’re only taking care of him until they can find him a home. I’m tempted to take him in myself. My landlord did relax that part of my lease. However, she explicitly told them they can’t have pets other than the fish. How would I work that out? I’m not even sure I want to anyway. I can barely afford to support myself with all of the debt I’m in right now. But it’s still tempting. I get along with him pretty well already.

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