Monday book reviews will return next week.

I’ve been ranting a lot lately that I’ve been trying to reorganize and clean out my apartment. That project is now as caught up as my finances will allow. However, with all that’s been going on around here I still didn’t have a chance this last weekend to read the book I borrowed for the weekend prior. But now that I have no special plans this next weekend I will get back into the groove of book reviews (as well as any other type of blog post that I’ve been missing).

I’m also going to get back to working in full swing on the screenplay tomorrow. I’m taking today to rest. I worked a lot on this project over the past week, including cleaning the floors in my apartment yesterday (thanks to a bottle of power steering fluid that tipped over). I also had a rough day at work today which was not only physically intense but also mentally stressful. I also may have an errand to run at some point tonight. So instead of worrying about it I’ll just wait until I can actually work on the thing tomorrow. That is, unless I get pissed off at work again.


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