Sunday List: Five pros and cons of getting a coffee maker that takes those little cups.

I’ve been thinking about getting a coffee maker that uses those little cups with a brand name that I can’t say without breaking trademark violations. Let’s just call them “Kups” and hope that you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I have no problems with my coffee maker now but there are definite benefits that I can see to getting a new machine that uses those “Kups.” However, as I’m thinking it through there are some problems with getting one as well. So I decided that for this week’s Sunday List I would present five sets of pros and cons for getting one of these machines.

  • Con: It’s expensive. For one thing, there’s the coffee maker itself. Granted, it’s an appliance that hopefully lasts a long time and the investment would pay itself off in the enjoyment of my morning coffee. But when you compare the prices of these makers with the ten dollar coffee maker I’ve been using for almost thirteen years, that reasoning doesn’t exactly hold up. Besides that, even if we take the price of the coffee maker itself the coffee tends to be more expensive. I can get a can of generic coffee at a grocery store for much cheaper than the equivalent amount in those cups.
  • Pro: It’s not that expensive. Sure, it costs a little more but it’s still very affordable. I could bypass the cost of the machine altogether and ask for it as a birthday present. And the price of the coffee wouldn’t exactly break me. It’s still just coffee. My only problem would be that I know what I could get cheaper. And for people who know me, I’m pretty cheap. (But I’m working on that.)
  • Con: You can’t make as much coffee at a time. Never mind making a pot of coffee versus one of these little cups. I already make a cup at a time with my coffee maker. I just take a mug’s worth of water and pour it in the machine, and then put that mug where the coffee pot goes. So I can put in more coffee for each cup at a time. Not only that, but each “cup” of coffee make by one of those “Kups” machines doesn’t have as much in it as what I make.
  • Pro: That means I can temper myself. The truth that I keep ignoring every morning is that I probably put too much coffee into each cup at a time. By using one of those little “Kups” I’m able to regulate more efficiently how much I’m ingesting at any given moment. Sure, I could make a second cup. But even then I wouldn’t be putting so much caffeine into my system at once. For that matter, I could wait until I make the second cup.
  • Con: You can only make one cup at a time. Whereas the above item references how much caffeine you get in one cup, this one refers to the fact that you can only have that one cup at a time. If you want another cup of coffee, you have to wait to make it. Sometimes I get up late for work. Okay, we have a “Kups” maker at work. But if I am in a rush I’m not going to wait for my second cup of coffee to brew. Even when I’m at home this could make me impatient.
  • Pro: That could mean that it’s not always the same cup of coffee. I like hazelnut coffee. But I don’t want it all of the time. I could have my morning cup of regular and if I feel like another one but mixing it up a little, I could put in a cup of hazelnut. Or half calf. Or for that matter, that means I can half a cup of decaf in the afternoon when I want a cup of coffee for the taste but not the caffeine. (Yes, I’m one of those people that not only likes the taste of coffee, I like it so much that I usually drink it black.)
  • Con: It could be too convenient. So I can make several cups of coffee throughout the day whenever I want. Sounds great, except I know myself. I’ll have days when I want to drink it just because I can. This is especially so when I’m trying to cut down on (or cut out entirely) alcohol, and want something other than water with a meal. Before I know it, I have to spend the money on a new box of “Kups.”
  • Pro: Well, it’s convenient. That’s not exactly a bad thing either. I can pretty much sum up this item by just pointing to all of the “pros” above. And isn’t it about time I learned self-control, anyway?
  • Con: I would be joining a fad. I would be doing what every other consumer does in this culture by buying the latest expensive gadget. I would be doing what everybody else does. I could be losing my identity in consumer culture.
  • Pro: So what if it’s a fad? If I have valid reasons for getting one of these machines, what does it matter if a lot of other people are doing it? Sometimes that just means that it was a good idea. It doesn’t lessen my individuality. I’ll still be putting on my black eyeliner in the morning while I’m drinking said coffee. I think I would be alright.

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