Random Tuesday Thoughts: stray cat, redecorating the apartment and myself.

  • There’s a cat hanging out my apartment building since yesterday. I’ve come to believe it’s a stray. It’s very friendly and looks well-fed, so who knows. Sometimes cats wander and go back home for a few days. It could also potentially “belong” to the family that lives in the apartment below me. I know they’ve already left a bowl of water out for it. But I doubt that possibility as the cat’s been outside the whole time. I told my landlord and she said she would call the animal control officer after waiting a few more days. I wouldn’t feel so bad about the whole ordeal if the poor thing wasn’t constantly crying for attention.
  • As I’ve stated before I’ve been in the process of cleaning out a lot of stuff in my apartment. I’ve already made three trips to a thrift store this week. I also have a lot to take to the town dump to donate to the freebie barn and the clothing and shoe bins just outside of it. I’m also breaking down and spending the five bucks to dispose of a microwave that’s been sitting in my attic for a year or so.
    I’m not just clearing out a lot of unused stuff. I’m trying to have less stuff. I want to redecorate and reorder this apartment (as well as my lifestyle) and I need to start with a clean slate, or at least as close to it as I can get. There are some things that I have to hold onto until I get replacements. The primary example of this would be the television in my living room. I want to get a newer and larger model, and move that old television set into my bedroom (while donating the set that’s already there to someplace). I also want to replace my stereo as well by somehow integrating it all into the same sound system. I want to pay off a lot more of my credit card before I make such purchases, though.
  • So, step one is to clear out the apartment as much as I can. Step two would be to rearrange what I have to a more optimized solution for simplified living. Third would be to change out the larger equipment, such as the home entertainment devices, or to alter certain things that I already have, such as putting covers over my living room furniture. Step three would be to redecorate my apartment into a more Gothic aesthetic. I’ve already had permission from my landlord to paint the place black. Or should I wait to see if I actually can get a place on my own?
  • During this whole time I really need to start working on my own look. I’ve dedicated myself to wearing black all the time in public (which was no real stretch) and I’ve worn some make-up. I know that I don’t have to constantly restrict myself to black, but of what items I do have that’s the only color I have to use. But I really need to somehow figure out what clothes to get. Just a simple jeans and t-shirt look is alright if I’m doing some physical task at work on a given day, but it doesn’t feel like it’s nearly enough. I don’t understand why this is so difficult for me. Yes, some of the fancier items out there cost some money, but I can justify the cost. I just can’t figure out exactly what to do. Then again, could I be overthinking it?

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