Tueday Random Thoughts: Hotlines, houses for sale, lightening.

  • When I was ordering change from the bank for work yesterday I accidentally discovered that the phone number is two digits away from “the hottest hotline in America.” I got as far as “Ladies, if you want to—” before I hung up. It’s not that I’m easily offended. But, you know, corporate headquarters monitors that shit.
  • While I was out jogging earlier today I noticed that a house on the nearby creek is up for sale. I’m sure it’s out of my price range but one of my goals for the end of this year was to buy my own place. I’ve been coveting this one for a while. It may be on the water in Kittery Point but it is rather small. The only problem is that I think it might actually be part of the property directly across the street, and the building was really meant to be a sort of guest house or possibly even storage for lobster traps. Still, if it is separate property it wouldn’t hurt to look.
    Never mind—as I just wrote this I checked online and found the listing for the place. It is sold in conjunction with the lot across the street, and for close to a million dollars. Provided I don’t mind paying mortgage for the rest of my life, and having children with the intent on passing the debt off to them, I still don’t need that much.
  • The only problem with achieving that goal is that I may not be able to achieve another one that I had for this year, which was to pay off my credit card bill. Not only would I be cautious about spending so much money when I owe so much, I don’t know how these things work. Would having this much debt hurt my chances of getting a mortgage? I have no idea. Again, it wouldn’t hurt to look into these things.
  • My sleep habits have been a bit off over the last few days. It certainly didn’t help that yesterday morning a thunderstorm passed through and a lightening bolt hit something very close to my apartment at around four in the morning. I hate jump scares like that anyway but my first thought as soon as it woke me was that a bomb had gone off. So not only did I yell in surprise but also in despair. I don’t know why I’m so paranoid about such a thing. Maybe it was something I dreamed, or that my mind was in a weird place after such a jarring experience. I never did find out what the lightening hit, but there were sirens nearby.
    Anyway, I didn’t bother going back to sleep. I just got up and got some stuff done before heading out to work. I sometimes wonder if I should go back to getting up earlier before work, at the expense of going to bed a little earlier. I also think it might be better to just get up in the middle of the night and then have work be the end of my day. But somehow I don’t think I want to do that. Of course, if I finally sell a screenplay and become a professional writer that can set my own hours, I totally see myself becoming a night person.

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