Sunday List: Four costume ideas for Halloween.

It’s getting to be that time of year again when I start laboring over what I’m going to wear for Halloween. I never think of a good costume until the last second and by then I can’t do what I want because of time and financial concerns. I’m starting to think a bit further ahead of time than I usually give myself. So now I should be able to decide and then if I half to, buy the costume piece by piece in order to afford it. For my Sunday list this week, I’m going to toss out a few costume ideas that I’ve already toyed with. I don’t know if I’m going to do any of them, but I’m hoping that this will help me get my creative juices flowing.

Incidentally, I usually incorporate some make-up in my costume but have a hard time finding cruelty-free Halloween make-up every year. This time, while I was just normally buying black nail polish and eyeliner from the Wet ‘N’ Wild brand, I discovered that they put out a cruelty-free Halloween line as well. I didn’t notice it last year when I bought my first bottle of nail polish from them, although I saw this at the exact same drug store. Either way, I’m very pleased that now I can easily find something to match whatever look I’m going for.

And yes, I was casually buying nail polish and eyeliner. I’ve said before that I’m trying to transition into more of a Gothic look. I still need to experiment more with the clothing but I have several black pieces that can work in the meantime. I don’t normally wear the eyeliner but that has more to do with trying to apply it when I’m not wearing my glasses than anything else. I can’t see what I’m doing.

  1. Half Donald/Half Hillary. This might take a little more time than I half as it would require a lot of sewing. The pieces would be easy to get: a pants suit on his side, a skirt suit on hers. The wigs are easily available as well. I would naturally wear “Vote for Trump” on one side and “Vote for Clinton” on the other. But I don’t know how to sew. I would definitely need help on this one. But hey, if I decide on this one and can’t get it ready for Halloween, I might still be able to wear it on Election Day.
    You’ll notice that it’s politically ambiguous. That’s intentional. I know that I’ll get enough of a response as it is.
  2. Somebody who gives a shit. This joke would especially be prevalent at work. The idea is that I would go to a joke store, buy fake pieces of shit and figure out a way to attach them all over myself. Then I would hand them out to people and say that I gave a shit. The only problem is that while this would be designed for work, I probably wouldn’t be allowed to wear it.
  3. A Haunted House. I’ve come up with this idea in years past.  It would essentially involve making a small haunted house and a framework to wear it around me.I would have it more in mind for the Halloween Parade in Portsmouth than anything else. Alternatively, I could wear elements of a haunted house in a way that looks good while evoking the feel of the experience.
  4. Some sort of ghoul. This is pretty much what I do each year anyway: I throw on a low-key black outfit, some make-up and then a cheap black costume hooded cape I got at a closeout department store some year. I’ll probably end up doing it again. But I want to put more effort into it this time. Even if I just buy a better-looking cape and work harder at the make-up, it would look better than last time. Besides, like I said, aside from the cape I would really just be dressing as myself.

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