Writing Progress Wednesday: Second act of the screenplay is done.

Yesterday I finished the second act of my screenplay. Once I sat down and actually worked on it, the second act didn’t take terribly long. This means either it’s easier than I expected it to be, or I’m not as good as I thought I was and settled for less than what I’m capable of. I like to think that the reality is somewhere in the middle, or leaning towards the former. It could also just mean that it felt like it took less time than it actually did.

I had to take a break from working on the screenplay today because I wasn’t feeling very well. The back of my neck and shoulders felt very sore today, compounded by the fact that I was on my feet for the entire time at work. I came home and lounged around for a while before writing this blog post. Sometimes in order to get writing done I have to take these unscheduled breaks. I know that I would not be able to concentrate on the work. (On top of that, I’m just not sure about how much writing I’ll be able to get done over the course of the next two days because of scheduling conflicts. Tomorrow evening is possible, but it looks like Friday is right out. Perhaps I’ll get some work in over the weekend.)

I led up to the last moment in the second act through an intercut. I haven’t written one of those before. By doing so I meant to show a series of interconnected scenes that switch quickly, but they should be on screen longer than it may take them to read. Should I be fleshing out my description of action more? Or do I just have to except the fact that sometime simple directions will lead to longer scenes without dialogue?

I’m going to wait until I finish writing the first draft of the screenplay before I start analyzing it too much. I hope to have it finished by the end of this month, although I suspect it may take a few weeks longer than that. I want to be ambitious but I have to be somewhat realistic about it, too. If I was able to write for a living, and had the means to comfortably sit down and write for several hours at a time without straining myself, I would. But for now I have to compromise my time and other resources.

As always I have a couple of short stories available as e-books at Amazon. Feel free to buy, read and review.


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