Sunday List: Five possible criteria for adopting a cat.

I was at a family get-together earlier this evening. I don’t remember how but the subject of me adopting a cat came up in conversation. I always liked cats but had the understanding that I couldn’t adopt one as one of the provisions of my rent agreement. My landlord, who is also family was there and said that she had no problem if I wanted a cat in the apartment. My sister volunteers at the NHSPCA and started in on what criteria I wanted to meet so she could hook me up with a new little roommate.

This was without me saying yes to anything. While I’m not totally opposed to the idea in general I do have some concerns which kept me from this (my landlord has stated that she didn’t mind a cat in the apartment before). My biggest concern is expense—I’ve gone into my financial troubles before, I won’t bother with the details now. But I really don’t see how I can afford to adopt any pet. My other big concern is how well I’ll be able to take care of it. I realize that cats are pretty independent but I’m not home all the time. (Although my sister did say that they adopt out companion cats, two for the price of one.)

But like I said, I’m not opposed to the idea. As she was going over what my criteria would be for her to look, the thought came to mind that years ago, if I wanted to adopt one the cat would pick me, not the other way around. I would have to wait to see until I met them. But she still went over some things that, whether they’re important or not, could be potential considerations when looking.

  1. Indoor or outdoor cat? This one is rather important. There’s another cat in the neighborhood that’s not only territorial (as cats are) it has a bad reputation from other cat lovers in the neighborhood. Whether they’re warranted or not, I don’t want to encroach on that cat’s territory. So an indoor cat, especially one that’s already litter trained, would be a pretty good criteria to meet.
  2. Short or long hair? I don’t want to disqualify a cat that gets really friendly with me if it has long hair. But short hair would be easier especially as I tend to get lazy with cleaning around the apartment (although I guess I would develop that habit if I do go through with this). It also would be less visible on my clothing. I wear a lot of black.
  3. What color should the cat be? Likewise, I’m tempted to say a black cat. But I really don’t care. I have no preference as to what the cat looks like, as long as it’s cute and likes me.
  4. Male or female? Again, I don’t care. But my sister did bring it up. Is there a difference when taking care of cats? Even if there was it wouldn’t make any difference to my decision, although it would be a good thing to know.
  5. How old should the cat be? I want to say that this would be another issue of “I don’t care,” and on principle it is. But my sister said that older cats are cheaper to adopt. This would be the same issue as the length of the hair. I wouldn’t disqualify a cat because of its age if its friendly with me. And I would really hate to rule out a cat because it’s more expensive or if it’s older and has more of a chance of health problems. I think I might have to not think about this one if I go to the NHSPCA.

One thought on “Sunday List: Five possible criteria for adopting a cat.

  1. I would say cats are more expensive then I thought they would be. You could go cheap on stuff (food, litter, toys) but then you might end up paying for it in other ways (stinky litter box, vet bills, health issues). I agree with you on getting two and keeping them indoors only. My cats are also not as independent as people usually say cats are… My cats love people and love attention.

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