Writing Progress Wednesday, no, Thursday: keeping with the expected length.

I’m nearing the end of the second act of the first draft of my screenplay. I plowed right through this week. It’s amazing how much you can do when you actually sit down and work at something. Yes, that was sarcasm, with the snark aimed at myself. Anyway, I just got to page 73. If a screenplay is a page a minute and a rough guide for a movie is 90 minutes long, then a three-act screenplay divided evenly would mean that I should have reached the third act thirteen pages ago. Yet I have one more plot point to go before I get to that point.

Of course these are rough figures, not staunch rules to go by. There’s a couple of scenes which are just action which may turn out longer in the movie (should it get made) than what would correlate to the page-a-minute rule, just like there are scenes of dialogue which should go quite quickly. On top of that, who said my movie needs to be 90 minutes? Nobody said that, but that seems to be quite an average length for something other than a big blockbuster. It’s just a guide that got stuck into my head years ago.

In that case, running long like this is a good thing. It means I’m not rushing it. If there’s anything unneeded, then I can always cut it. I’d much rather trim than struggle with writing something more. It helps that I’m working with an outline, of course. It could also mean that if the story is longer than average, then it has more substance. That’s probably not the case, considering this isn’t exactly high-class cinema, but I can still think so.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have after work, but it’s possible I could finish off the second act tomorrow. If not, I may dedicate some time to working on the screenplay this weekend. I know I’ll definitely be in the third act by some point next week. It’s possible, then, that I could have the first draft finished by the end of September. It’s still a little later than I would have liked, but hey, I’m not working on anybody’s deadline but my own. As long as I have something that I feel comfortable submitting by the end of the year, I’ll be satisfied.

Then comes the question about how to submit these things. I get the feeling that’s going to take a lot more time than I’ll want to dedicate in January. Could it be that I’ll have to skip the RPM Challenge this year? I hope not, considering the album I released last time.

As always, I have two short stories for sale on Amazon. There’s links for both of them at the top of this page. Feel free to submit reviews on Amazon or get in touch with me here.


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